How much does it cost to go to Tomorrowland?

If music is your absolute element of enjoyment and witnessing some of the best DJ’s of the world has always been an item on your bucket list, then the Tomorrowland Belgium is where you need to go today, tomorrow, and forever this electronic music festival is the topmost event with the wildest electronic beats and an ultimate experience which you must have at least once in your life. Wondering if it is really worth the hype might be something that is stopping you from attending the event. However, this article will decrypt the whole thing in front of you so you can finally make your decision to attend the Tomorrowland Festival.

Details of the event

If you are fond of the event, you must already know that the tickets of Tomorrowland get sold out very fast and actually scoring one ticket is no less than good luck. However, if your main concern is regarding the cost of the ticket and the complete event, you need to know that attending the festival demands money as well as patience.

Even though there is also the option of getting your hands on single-day events of Tomorrowlandsuch as the Magical Friday Pass, there are bigger tickets called the Full Madness Pass. The tickets have two categories, regular and comfort. This is related to the access that you can get at the event. Other than this, you can also buy the Dreamville Package, Global Journey Package, and a B2B table package, which includes accommodation too.

Having said that, here is a detail of all the ticket types and their prices for Tomorrowland:

Full Madness Ticket

€ 225 in Pre-sale

€ 281 in the worldwide sale

These tickets get you access to Tomorrowland during any one weekend of the event.

Full Madness Comfort pass

€ 380 in Pre-sale

€ 496 in the worldwide sale

This ticket gets you the general access plus the VIP zone on the mainstage and other stages on one weekend

Magical Friday pass

€ 94 and onwards

This ticket gets you the general access to the festival for one respective day


Even though there is no guarantee of you getting the pass, they are served on a first-come, first-serve basis which …

greatest festival

Which is the greatest festival in the world?

There are countless festivals around the world which are held in different nations on different occasions. Each one of the festivals has its own perks and is based on different cultural or social aspects. While no one festival can be categorized as the absolute best because the people who attend these festivals have their own likes and dislikes, this article will highlight some of the most famous and most liked festivals around the world.

The Burning Man – Black Rock Desert, Nevada

There are approximately a million words in the dictionary but no one word can quite fully explain the total madness that happens during the northwestern Nevada desert summer event.

The tradition of Burning Man begun in 1986 when Larry Harvey, along with some friends, built a 10-foot high figure of the wood and took it all the way to the beach in San Francisco during the summer days.

The structure was put on fire, and a crowd of about 20 people stood around it, watching it burn. This is where the trend of wildest parties was born.

Fast forward to today, the tradition has grown significantly with the burning man growing to a height of 105 feet, and the attendees of the event have reached 70, 000.

The Carnival – Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Generally, the largest festival around the globe with its out of bounds party, the Carnival of Brazil is considered to be the best show on earth. The event now gains the attention of about 5 million people from all around the world.

The carnival was originally a religious festival which gradually turned into a party festival. The festival is normally held in February or March, during the preceding 5-day event of the Catholic season, starting 40 days before Easter.

The festival is a city filled with vivid colors, dancing women, and raging music.

Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival – Harbin, China

While the Brazilian Carnival celebrates the heat of the summer, the Harbin International festival builds its celebration in the winter of China.

The festival is held in the Northeastern part of China, where Harbin experiences some harsh winters coming all the way from Serbia.

The main attraction of the festival is …


When does Tanzania’s Arusha gem show begin?

The annual Arusha Gem Fair (AGF) of Tanzania starts on the foot of Mount Meru, and only 80 km’s from the famous mountain of Kilimanjaro.

What is the Arusha Gem Show of Tanzania?

The Arusha Gen Show is a three-day event that promises to combine the primary gemstone as well as the mineral producers all the way from the Sub Saharan African countries on one single platform, with the prominent leaders of the industry as well. The handlers of this huge event claim that it annually attracts around 65 exhibitors who come all the way from Tanzania, Kenya, Congo, Zambia, Mozambique, Madagascar, and Uganda. Renowned companies from these countries also make their exhibitions — for instance, the Tanzanite One Mining and Petra Williamson Diamond Limited.

In order to make sure that there would be enough goods available for the more dedicated buyers who come from all over the world, Tanzania suspends its export of Gemstones well before the even during the time of 5th April to 3rd May. This event provides the opportunity of buying tanzanite of basically any size, to the buyers. The temporary ban on the export of tanzanite is lifted during the show.

The main attraction – Tanzanite Gemstone

Needless to say, it is the magic of the Tanzanite gemstone which captures the attention of people from around the globe. Numerous gemstone enthusiasts, as well as sellers, come to the event in order to get a gist of the culture, learn the history of the place and visit the mines which contain the gemstone right in front of them.

A visitor of the Arusha Mine tour in 2012 claims that it was a completely fulfilling experience where he learned about the complete culture and history. The experience can be specifically helpful and informative for travelers who are fond of doing such tours.

The Arusha Gem fair is a three-day event which is normally held from 19th April to 21st April at the Mount Hotel in Arusha, Tanzania. The main purpose of the event is to showcase from the gems and jewelry industry of Tanzania, specifically the Tanzanite gemstone.

The event normally begins with complete zest and zeal at 9 am in the morning …

Best music festivals

Best music festivals in the world


Over the last three decades, a number of different music festivals have sprung up which annually attracts millions of visitors from all over the world. Having said that, each of the events is unique in its own way which is why no one festival can be categorized as the absolute best. Therefore, here is a list of some of the best music festivals that the world has ever seen. If you are looking towards enjoying a weekend of music and lights while dancing to the bass, you can choose one of these music festivals and had an absolutely great time.

Electronic daisy Carnival – Las Vegas

This is a classical rave which is held in Las Vegas and is considered to be one of the biggest dance festivals of the globe. That makes it the largest music festival outside of Europe. The music of the festival revolves around bounce, trance, techno, bass, and house. The main gist of the event began in 2014 with the Sundance Film festival.

New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival – New Orleans


The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival is the oldest music festival in the world. The 2017 event witnessed the music of Stevie Wonder. This shows just how amazing the festival keeps getting every year. An African-American cultural theme is drawn in for the event and the music revolves around jazz, blues, and gospel.

Tomorrowland – Belgium

The Tomorrowland music festival is held in Belgium every year. This music festival has stayed unbeatable and positions itself as the most notable music event in the world due to its amazing design, lineup, and wild party. The event is held in the month of July and runs for a total of two weeks, where names like Chain-smokers, David Guetta, and Hardwell make their appearances. This electronic musical festival sells out its total tickets in minutes and is one experience which should not be missed at any cost.

Primavera Sound – Barcelona, Spain

The Primavera Sound event is held in Barcelona, Spain, in the ending days of the month of May and the starting days of June, and is known as one of the topmost musical events that the world has ever seen. The popularity …