About Me

International photographer, journalist. My job is to travel, adventure and shoot around the world. I’m my own boss. Sometimes my boss is too tough, and I’m too workaholic. But I mostly succeed in maintaining harmony and balance.

🌏 Since 2010, I’ve been living in different countries where I want. Figured it was better than a mortgage. I don’t understand why I have to live in one place if in the age of the Internet you can live anywhere. And you can start without even having a lot of money. Just to make more money by constantly developing.

I love extreme sports, motorcycles, illegal gambling in abandoned places, to the height and all kinds of trash. Beauty, oceans, and mountains too. Snowboard and surfing. After school for 2 years, I lived in the wild mountains without electricity and people, together with my sister, the mountains are my home. I have been doing yoga for a very long time. She was a yoga teacher, but she became interested in photography completely.