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Best music festivals

Best music festivals in the world


Over the last three decades, a number of different music festivals have sprung up which annually attracts millions of visitors from all over the world. Having said that, each of the events is unique in its own way which is why no one festival can be categorized as the absolute best. Therefore, here is a list of some of the best music festivals that the world has ever seen. If you are looking towards enjoying a weekend of music and lights while dancing to the bass, you can choose one of these music festivals and had an absolutely great time.

Electronic daisy Carnival – Las Vegas

This is a classical rave which is held in Las Vegas and is considered to be one of the biggest dance festivals of the globe. That makes it the largest music festival outside of Europe. The music of the festival revolves around bounce, trance, techno, bass, and house. The main gist of the event began in 2014 with the Sundance Film festival.

New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival – New Orleans


The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival is the oldest music festival in the world. The 2017 event witnessed the music of Stevie Wonder. This shows just how amazing the festival keeps getting every year. An African-American cultural theme is drawn in for the event and the music revolves around jazz, blues, and gospel.

Tomorrowland – Belgium

The Tomorrowland music festival is held in Belgium every year. This music festival has stayed unbeatable and positions itself as the most notable music event in the world due to its amazing design, lineup, and wild party. The event is held in the month of July and runs for a total of two weeks, where names like Chain-smokers, David Guetta, and Hardwell make their appearances. This electronic musical festival sells out its total tickets in minutes and is one experience which should not be missed at any cost.

Primavera Sound – Barcelona, Spain

The Primavera Sound event is held in Barcelona, Spain, in the ending days of the month of May and the starting days of June, and is known as one of the topmost musical events that the world has ever seen. The popularity …