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What is the biggest rave in the world?


Music festivals are becoming more and more important nowadays, and consequently, the number of attendees keep increasing. Bearing that in mind, here is a list of some of the biggest and wildest raves of the world.

Tomorrowland – Belgium

Arguably the biggest and wildest rave of the world, the event of Tomorrowland is held in Belgium. It is known as the biggest electronic festival that the world has seen to date. Colorful decorations and high pileups on towers are displayed while the biggest DJs of the world play their music to entice the crowd. A few miles away, a Ferris wheel rotates discreetly. There are people lurking the woods and Buddha’s shaking along the base of the music. The Tomorrowland festival is considered to be one of the wildest festivals in the world. It is a four-day event which is attended by thousands of people who come from all over the world.

Electric daisy festival carnival – United States

festival carnival

This is a festival that is held during the spring season and fall months in the US. It categorizes as the largest electronic festival of North America and world top of line DJ’s perform and play their music at the festival. Renowned DJs like Afro jack, Hartwell and Steve Aoki make their appearances. The whole event is a two-day extravaganza and sees more than 3 00,000 attendees annually.

Sensation – Amsterdam

As compared to the other outdoor events, the Sensation of Amsterdam is an indoor electronic event which started from the Netherlands with a hint of black and white. The white is in relation to trance music. However, it has now switched to a house event. The whole arena decorates itself in white and the attendees also wear white dresses. The event is usually held during the first Saturday of July every year. The black event is held on the second weekend of the month, where all of the attendees dress in black.

Ultra-Music Festival – Miami

The Ultra Music Festival (UMF) of Miami is an outdoor electronic festival that is held during the month of March in Miami, Florida, United States. Live coverage of the event runs on YouTube throughout the event for all the people who are fond …

greatest festival

Which is the greatest festival in the world?

There are countless festivals around the world which are held in different nations on different occasions. Each one of the festivals has its own perks and is based on different cultural or social aspects. While no one festival can be categorized as the absolute best because the people who attend these festivals have their own likes and dislikes, this article will highlight some of the most famous and most liked festivals around the world.

The Burning Man – Black Rock Desert, Nevada

There are approximately a million words in the dictionary but no one word can quite fully explain the total madness that happens during the northwestern Nevada desert summer event.

The tradition of Burning Man begun in 1986 when Larry Harvey, along with some friends, built a 10-foot high figure of the wood and took it all the way to the beach in San Francisco during the summer days.

The structure was put on fire, and a crowd of about 20 people stood around it, watching it burn. This is where the trend of wildest parties was born.

Fast forward to today, the tradition has grown significantly with the burning man growing to a height of 105 feet, and the attendees of the event have reached 70, 000.

The Carnival – Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Generally, the largest festival around the globe with its out of bounds party, the Carnival of Brazil is considered to be the best show on earth. The event now gains the attention of about 5 million people from all around the world.

The carnival was originally a religious festival which gradually turned into a party festival. The festival is normally held in February or March, during the preceding 5-day event of the Catholic season, starting 40 days before Easter.

The festival is a city filled with vivid colors, dancing women, and raging music.

Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival – Harbin, China

While the Brazilian Carnival celebrates the heat of the summer, the Harbin International festival builds its celebration in the winter of China.

The festival is held in the Northeastern part of China, where Harbin experiences some harsh winters coming all the way from Serbia.

The main attraction of the festival is …

Best music festivals

Best music festivals in the world


Over the last three decades, a number of different music festivals have sprung up which annually attracts millions of visitors from all over the world. Having said that, each of the events is unique in its own way which is why no one festival can be categorized as the absolute best. Therefore, here is a list of some of the best music festivals that the world has ever seen. If you are looking towards enjoying a weekend of music and lights while dancing to the bass, you can choose one of these music festivals and had an absolutely great time.

Electronic daisy Carnival – Las Vegas

This is a classical rave which is held in Las Vegas and is considered to be one of the biggest dance festivals of the globe. That makes it the largest music festival outside of Europe. The music of the festival revolves around bounce, trance, techno, bass, and house. The main gist of the event began in 2014 with the Sundance Film festival.

New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival – New Orleans


The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival is the oldest music festival in the world. The 2017 event witnessed the music of Stevie Wonder. This shows just how amazing the festival keeps getting every year. An African-American cultural theme is drawn in for the event and the music revolves around jazz, blues, and gospel.

Tomorrowland – Belgium

The Tomorrowland music festival is held in Belgium every year. This music festival has stayed unbeatable and positions itself as the most notable music event in the world due to its amazing design, lineup, and wild party. The event is held in the month of July and runs for a total of two weeks, where names like Chain-smokers, David Guetta, and Hardwell make their appearances. This electronic musical festival sells out its total tickets in minutes and is one experience which should not be missed at any cost.

Primavera Sound – Barcelona, Spain

The Primavera Sound event is held in Barcelona, Spain, in the ending days of the month of May and the starting days of June, and is known as one of the topmost musical events that the world has ever seen. The popularity …